Dulce Maria publishes a photo with her mother and draws the attention of her followers for a tremendous resemblance

Dulce Maria publishes a photo with her mother
Dulce Maria publishes a photo with her mother
Khushbu Kumari

Dulce Maria used her Instagram to dedicate an emotional message to her mother for her birthday.

Dulce Maria celebrated her mother for her birthday and impressed her followers by sharing some photos of her mother Blanca Savinon, demonstrating the strong resemblance she has with her mother.

Well, apparently she appears quite preserved, with features very similar to the actress from 'Rebelde', who revealed that she inherited her beauty from Dona Blanca, who appears in the photos celebrating with her grandchildren.

Dulce Maria shared an emotional birthday message to her mother: Happy birthday mamacita! Thank God for your life, may it fill you with health, life, blessings, love and joy! Thank you for being such a dedicated, beautiful and incredible mother, thank you for all your support and help and for always doing things for the love of your family and always having a word of faith for us, wrote the singer.

In the comments, various Internet users reacted to the strong resemblance to her mother: “Sweet Maria, you have the face of your lady mother stamped on your face”; “Beautiful, they are identical”, “Wooow you look a lot like your mom, how cute. Happy birthday to her”, “They are two drops of water”, reads between the comments.

Blanca Savinon was a teacher and during Dulce's childhood she began to educate her at home so that the little actress would have time to attend castings to obtain roles in commercials and soap operas. her first performances came at the age of 5 when she debuted on children's programs such as Sesame Street .

Throughout her career, Blanca Savinon supported her and although Dulce María does not share much about her private life, she always shares expressions of love for her mother on her social networks.

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