Gaby Spanic wants her life story to reach the big screen

Gaby Spanic wants her life story to reach the big screen
Gaby Spanic wants her life story to reach the big screen
Khushbu Kumari

The actress Gaby Spanic believes that many women will feel identified with her story.

Gaby Spanic has been a great benchmark for soap operas, one of her most prominent roles has been “La Usurpadora”, with which she gained recognition from the people and was classified as a very complete and versatile actress, to this day she continues valid; However, all her life she has been haunted by various misfortunes.

And it is that Spanic got used to the public eye on his affairs, since he participated in Miss Venezuela 1992 . Then there was no room for privacy when she distanced herself from her twin sister, Daniela, for many years; and then the mystery of the identity of the father of her only child, as questioned by the press as everything else.

That is why the Venezuelan actress has decided to open her privacy and talk about all those things that have remained a mystery, but she will do so through a film that she will direct and in which she will have the support of the production house of the channel. lifetime.

“These are very difficult life situations, so I know that many women will feel identified,” she said in a meeting with the media.

she also revealed what would be the topics that she would touch on in said installment: "People are going to reflect a lot on situations that have not been clarified, it is a very strong story because it talks about situations that an actress has gone through, who has been injured, persecuted, with murder attempts *** on top of that, anyway”, reveals the actress.

In this context and if such a project is carried out, it may be surprising to include the process that she is going through with her twin sister Daniela Spanic, who a few weeks ago was a victim of violence in broad daylight and for which both sisters recently carried out a press conference to raise their voices about the violence they have suffered.

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