Luca Mndez will act as the mother of Diego Luna in a new television series

Lucia Mendez will act as the mother of Diego Luna in a new television series
Lucia Mendez will act as the mother of Diego Luna in a new television series
Khushbu Kumari

Lucia Mendez will reappear in the television series La Maquina, where she will act as the mother of Diego Luna

At 67, Lucia Mendez will resume her career as an actress by being part of the cast of the television series “La Maquina”, a project directed by director Gabriel Ripstein.

The famous actress will assume the character of Josefina, a woman who throughout history is Andy's mother, whose figure will fall on the actor Diego Luna.

The story revolves around Esteban, a decadent boxer characterized by Gael Garcia Bernal, whose manager gets him one last chance to fight for a title. However, before arriving at the night of the fight, the applicant must face a mysterious force from the underworld.

In the case of Lucia Mendez, she will play a humble woman who managed to make her way in the world thanks to a family with money, but her true mission will be to guide her son to make the right decisions in the face of the inconveniences that will arise throughout the plot.

“I did a casting and I was lucky to stay. 'La Maquina' is different due to the fact that it is a television series with different times than other productions in which I have worked”, indicated the actress in an interview with the television program “De primera mano”.

In “La Maquina”, in addition to having the participation of Lucía Mendez, Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, Eiza Gonzalez, Karina Gidi, Luis Gnecco, Jorge Perugorria and Raúl Briones also act.

In this series, drama will be mixed with sports, politics, and intrigue, so it is interesting to see how the character of Lucia Méndez develops, a woman who during her heyday on the small screen was characterized by assuming leading roles.where her beauty always made her stand out from the rest of her recording partners on the sets.

Adding her to the cast of "La Maquina" is an important production achievement, since the woman who became a Televisa luminary in the 1980s had not appeared in a long production since 2017, when she participated in the television series “The 13 wives of Wilson Fernández”.

However, this year the actress from Guanajuato participated in the reality show “Siempre reinas”.

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