Chiquis Rivera shines in gold and sings with Banda los Recoditos at the Latin Grammy

Chiquis Rivera shines in gold and sings with Banda los Recoditos at the Latin Grammy
Chiquis Rivera shines in gold and sings with Banda los Recoditos at the Latin Grammy
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Chiquis Rivera dazzled at the Latin Grammy by wearing two half-shoulder outfits: a gold dress from head to toe and a dark one that she combined with La Banda los Recoditos

The Queen Bee, Chiquis Rivera, is more than happy and of course, if she won the 2022 Latin Grammy for Best Band Music Album. Award that she did not receive on stage but in the hotel room where she was staying in Las Vegas, preparing for the ceremony in which she would participate singing.

Jenni Rivera's daughter, Chiquis Rivera, chose a gold dress from top to bottom to half the shoulder and pleated to cross the red carpet of the Latin Grammy on the night that she had already been announced as the winner of one. Hand in hand with her boyfriend of more than a year, Emilio Sanchez , the interpreter of “El Honor” posed with a smile from ear to ear at night, for her deserved recognition and because she would share the stage minutes later with the regional band Mexican, Banda los Recoditos .

There she took off her elegant dress and put on a very formal one too, but darker and with rhinestones, maintaining the half-shoulder style as well . “Entre Besos y Copas” and “Me Siento A Todo Dar” were the songs they sang on the Latin Grammy stage.

Chiquis wins Latin Grammy 2022

In 2020, Chiquis Rivera won her first Latin Grammy in the same category. Now, just two years after that, she takes the gramophone back to her house. Days ago, the Mexican regional singer said that she would use her mother's accessories that would help her win.

She also confessed to La Opinion, that she was convinced that her album Abeja Reina had the attributes to position herself as a winner. That's how it was, just as she predicted and it also seems that La Diva de La Banda had also done her thing. Chiquis mentioned her mother in a small interview that they did to her on Univision when she arrived on the red carpet about what she thinks Jenni Rivera thought of her achievement and to which she replied: “My mother is very proud of me.”

Rivera nominated for the Grammy 2023

But things don't stop here, Lupillo Rivera's niece is nominated for the 2023 Grammy Awards in the category of Best Regional Mexican Album for Abeja Reina Tambien . Of course, this is another cause for celebration for the singer born in Los Angeles, but of Mexican origin.

Chiquis is already preparing details to release another album, which she promised brings several surprises. Not long ago he said that she felt that this was the moment when she felt the most security on a personal and professional level. And so much so that she jumped in and fearlessly released a song that is a regional Mexican version of the Christmas single , “Jingle Bells”.

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