We tell you what is the real name of Gaby Spanic that nobody knew

We tell you what is the real name of Gaby Spanic that nobody knew
We tell you what is the real name of Gaby Spanic that nobody knew
Khushbu Kumari

The renowned Venezuelan actress Gaby Spanic has obtained worldwide recognition thanks to several of her projects. But, she has a secret that remained unknown until now: her name.

From her television debut to her participation in the reality show 'La Casa de los Famosos', actress Gaby Spanic has kept the public glued to the screen thanks to her charisma and beauty . And although she has now catapulted herself once again as one of the public's favorites, there are still certain details about the life of the famous that remain unknown to the public.

Such is the case of her real name, because despite the fact that the whole world knew her as “Gaby Spanic” thanks to her performance in stories like “Soy tu Dueña” and “La Usurpadora”, the Venezuelan has a birth name that has finally come to light.

For the purposes of a career in front of the spotlight, the famous had to "shorten" her birth name, Gabriela Helena Španic Utrera, for one that did not represent a problem to be remembered among the public.

Although this does not completely move away from Gaby Spanic, it did surprise her fans to learn that her favorite actress, like many celebrities, had to change her original name.

We cannot forget that the 48-year-old actress has established herself as one of the most successful and acclaimed in Latin America. However, this fact did not stop her from crossing borders and flying to Hungary to be part of the reality show “Dancing with the stars”.

After her success in said program, the beautiful histrionisa returned to the country that gave her her first opportunity on television to carry out the program 'La Casa de los Famosos', where she was seen sharing the screen with Pablo Montero and the winner of the season, Alicia Machado.

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