Ivanka Trump hits in a swimsuit doing wakeboarding in Miami

Ivanka Trump hits in a swimsuit doing wakeboarding in Miami
Ivanka Trump hits in a swimsuit doing wakeboarding in Miami
Khushbu Kumari

Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, is moving further and further away from politics as promised. Like a celebrity, she showed off her great body in a bathing suit on the beaches of Miami and doing an extreme sport

The daughter of former US President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, is back in the news today and she does so after being caught enjoying a sunny day in a bathing suit. She, sporting a great body and quite calm, practiced wakeboarding on the beaches of Miami.

The daughter of former President of the United States Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, seemed quite calm despite having made some controversial statements a few days ago. She decided to put politics aside and vacation in Miami with a carefree attitude and doing an extreme sport, leaving everyone with their jaws on the floor. She was seen in a bathing suit and her body is that of a model.

This news comes after it gave something to talk about for something totally different from those recently mentioned. Ivanka spoke out a few days ago to ensure that she does not want to get involved with politics, nor with those issues related to her Donald Trump.

The businesswoman also pointed out that she is currently focused on prioritizing her family. According to The Post portal, a source close to Ivanka Trump assured that she just wants a normal life for her family and her husband , who is a fellow adviser to the Trump administration.

This same informant, who did not want to reveal her identity, reported that this decision would have been made by Ivanka after her dissatisfaction than with the mistreatment she was given: "Ivanka hated all the criticism and threats, and she was not happy with the way in which many of their friends turned their backs on them.” This is referring to the presidential term of Donald Trump .

The New York Post also expressed her feelings: “She feels that it is bad for her family. and negative in general in her circle of friends.” The statements made by Ivanka Trump come after it was revealed that her father plans to run for president of the United States in 2024, maintaining the firm goal of “ Make America Great Again .” According to reports published by the digital newspaper Proceso .

However, Ivanka will continue to support Trump in his decisions : “I love my father very much. This time I am choosing to prioritize my young children and the private life we ​​are creating as a family. I don't plan to get involved in politics.”

It must be remembered that she worked as a full-time adviser to the President of the United States in his 2017 campaign , according to information exposed by CNN .

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