Belinda has her dirty slippers, according to her Instagram followers

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Belinda has her dirty slippers according to her Instagram followers
Belinda has her dirty slippers according to her Instagram followers
Khushbu Kumari

What a shame! Belinda became the target of criticism on Instagram for a small detail that she missed when photographing her features in front of her mirror: her filthy slippers!

Belinda shared an album of photos and videos on her Instagram account, showing herself quite sensual in a black sequined outfit: a miniskirt with a top with a bare steel back and abdomen … but this was not the only thing that caught the attention of His Followers. Her filthy slippers also caught the attention of her fans and detractors.

Behind Belinda and next to her mirror, a pair of filthy slippers did not go unnoticed. The interpreter's flip-flops were part of the list of objects that made a mess in the room. Despite the fact that Christian Nodal 's ex tried to hide it by posing closely with her attributes in full view of her, some disaster was noticed on the sides, including the filthy slippers.

“Belinda I love you very much, but what a shitty place do you have in your room”, “How can it be that such a beautiful woman lives in such a dirty place”, “Those flip-flops are tanned, wey'”, “The slippers are filthier than a public bathroom ”, are some of the comments that rest on the Instagram post . This is not to mention that the memes did not wait.

Many others ignored the disorder and instead flattered her considering her: “Queen”, “Diva” and “Goddess”. They also defended her and invited those who criticized her to see themselves in a mirror before badmouthing the interpreter of Dopamine, the beautiful blonde, Belinda.

Another reason that gave us something to talk about was that this publication was made by Belinda on November 17. That is, the night that the 2022 Latin Grammys were held in Las Vegas. So some mentioned that her ex De ella Christian Nodal and her girlfriend Cazzu were trying to shine, but that she did it more from her room.

Of course, those who commented on this were referring directly to the Argentine trapper and the Mexican regional singer, who made their first public appearance holding hands and caused a sensation thus becoming the couple of the night.

Another who defended Belinda before the bad comments about her slippers was the actor Daniel Bisogno, who in the Ventaneando program assured that: “There is nothing that I know of that resembles Belinda, both in physical beauty and in talent.”

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