Celia Lora causes a stir posing with a revealing set of translucent lingerie

Celia Lora causes a stir posing with a revealing set of translucent lingerie
Celia Lora causes a stir posing with a revealing set of translucent lingerie
Khushbu Kumari

Celia Lora raised the temperature on social networks with an image in which she appears wearing a translucent lingerie set and some black lace details

Celia Lora does not stop causing a stir with her hot publications on social networks, where she appears posing with revealing sets of lingerie that completely defy censorship ; example of this was a recent photograph of her in which she exposed her irreverent personality and stunning silhouette of her.

On this occasion, the Mexican model showed off her overflowing silhouette through Instagram with an image in which she wears a set of completely translucent underwear and some details in black.

To the sensual garments, she added a harness that she placed around her neck and from which a chain detaches to further highlight the personality with which she has fallen in love with more than 10 million followers who admire her within this social profile.

The image that was captured from a hotel located in Mexico City managed to attract the attention of at least 60,000 users who, in a few hours, rated it with a “like”, in addition to hundreds of messages in which they highlighted how beautiful and provocative that looks.

Despite the fact that she again revealed her silhouette with transparencies, days before she also managed to set fire by posing with another revealing set of underwear with everything and a red garter belt with which her ravens were visible.

But as is customary in her photo gallery, the 38-year-old Mexican playmate did not pose alone, because on this occasion she was accompanied by the model Ozeylah Maral, who also appeared wearing a combo of blue clothes in which her figure was almost at Discover.

In one more snapshot, the only daughter of the rock singer, Alex Lora, fell in love with her fans with a daring pose in which, in addition to showing her curves in front of the lens, the tiny crimson-colored lingerie set with lace and transparencies returned to draw the attention of 107 thousand admirers.

Although these types of publications have managed to increase the popularity of Celia Lora, this is not the only showcase that she has to share her hot content, since she is also one of the favorites of print magazines and other platforms such as OnlyFans, where she is positioned. as the model with the most subscribers.

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