What did the first actor Hector Bonilla die of?

What did the first actor Hector Bonilla die of
What did the first actor Hector Bonilla die of
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The first actor Hector Bonilla ceased to exist at 83 years of age, and we reveal one of the causes of his death

Hector Bonilla, one of the most awarded actors in Mexican cinema, joined this afternoon the sky of the stars that today illuminate us with their brilliance from the sky, well, just a few hours ago, it was reported that whoever was one of the most coveted between the seventies and nineties, he died of a disease that had been afflicting him for several years.

The fact was made known through a tweet issued by the Mexican Ministry of Culture, in which the life and work of Hector Bonilla was recognized, who gave his all in the projects that accumulated throughout his artistic career.

In 2018, Hector Bonilla was questioned about his state of health and how he felt, to which he joked assuring that: “if it's your turn, it's your turn”, although, when asked about whether he was afraid of death, he did not hesitate to change your expression to confidently answer the following

“No, I don't want death, I love life, but I don't have surgery to look younger, it's obvious, I really enjoy life and see how much time I have left,” he said without imagining that four years later his career would end for earthly life.

What did Hector Bonilla die of?

Hector Bonilla died at the age of 83, a little less than four months after his 84th birthday, since his birthday is March 14.

However, his body could no longer resist the fight he faced for years against a disease that year after year takes millions of lives throughout the world, kidney cancer.

In fact, the disease Hector Bonilla was dealing with is considered one of the most lethal, because despite being able to be treated with chemotherapy, this does not guarantee that it will not metastasize and invade other healthy organs, spreading the disease to other areas of the body.

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