Work from home in the US: 6 high-paying options that do not require higher education

6 high paying US work from home options that do not require higher education
6 high paying US work from home options that do not require higher education
Khushbu Kumari

Without the requirement of having studied a degree, there are six remote work options where more than $47,000 dollars of average annual salary are offered

The COVID-19 pandemic that is still shaking the world after almost three years hastened the implementation of new forms of work that, thanks to technology, can now be done remotely, with high economic remuneration and even without the requirement of having studied a college career.

With the gradual return to the new normality, hundreds of companies globally have opted for their staff to continue working remotely and seek to strengthen themselves even more by hiring new elements to integrate them into their workforces.

Recently, the Indeed job search engine detected various jobs to be done remotely, with attractive income and without requiring a university degree in companies of recognized prestige.

Under this approach and taking into account that the identified companies offer salaries above $47,000 per year, six jobs top the list of jobs to be done remotely and without a university degree in the United States.

accounting staff

According to Indeed, companies such as Ease Learning, Koda Bookkeeping, and Books & Works are looking for employees to handle transaction recording, financial statement production, and verifying the accuracy of financial records.

For this position, no more than some type of post-secondary education is required and an average salary of $47,149 is offered.


Companies like NUC University, Telelanguage, and Manpower Group are interested in finding people fluent in multiple languages ​​to listen and translate conversations, as well as translate at live events.

Candidates are offered an average annual salary of $47,913.

Customer services manager

First Transit, Insurance Supermarket Inc. and Gallagher are looking for candidates who can oversee members of their customer service teams and also be responsible for training new employees as well as maintaining company best practices.

The annual salary offer for this profile is around $48,925 dollars.

Medical Coding Specialist

Ensemble Health Partners, UW Health, and Discovery Behavioral Health DBH are some of the companies interested in hiring medical coding specialists to interpret patient charts after their visits to assign codes that make it possible for the medical center to easily access your files.

For this position, the average annual salary is offered at $48,912 dollars.

Property Claims Adjuster

MODE Transportation, Farmers Insurance Group and Claims Management Resources, are seeking personnel to handle insurance claims and are offering up to $55,597 average annual salary.

Executive Assistant

Capital Group, JP Entertainment and Underdog Solutions are looking for people capable of managing senior executives' schedules, organizing their trips, managing their social networks and also managing events with clients.

Up to $57,119 in annual salary is offered in this position.

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