Anitta promotes her “intimate” cologne in honor of the Brazilian team in Qatar 2022

Naked Anitta promotes her intimate cologne in honor of the Brazilian team in Qatar 2022
Naked Anitta promotes her intimate cologne in honor of the Brazilian team in Qatar 2022
Khushbu Kumari

The Brazilian Anitta undressed and was upside down showing half of her tail while rooting for the Brazilian team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup with her “Puzz* by Anitta”

And if we thought we had seen everything about the very Beautiful Brazilian, we have more! Anitta posed completely nude to promote her new intimate cologne “Puzz*” and did not hesitate to show the results to the whole world. In addition to that, she paid tribute to the Brazilian soccer team, which is giving everything for everything in the Qatar 2022 soccer world cup.

Anitta once again showed her most sensual side and promotes her perfume “Puzz* by Anitta” lying face down on a bed with a white towel that barely covered a small part of her rear. In addition, the Brazilian singer Anitta complemented her makeup in earth colors with rings, a diamond necklace, a ring and black gloves. Of course, she did not forget her native Brazil, and even less her compatriots who are in Qatar 2022.

The surprise does not only have to do with his marketing strategy for his perfume for the intimate area. It is already available on the market. In addition, Anitta has caused a furor among women, since it is not a conventional perfume but a colony for the literal, most private part of the body.

Although the interpreter of “Downtown” and “Envolver” has been advertising her product for months, she has received some criticism from experts. So, showing off her usual frontality, the urban genre singer has given herself the task of ensuring that her product went through the relevant tests to confirm that the cologne can be used with confidence.

“she underwent gynecological and dermatological examinations and was approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency,” confirmed the company in charge of the preparation. Likewise, it was made known that this idea arose after the routine carried out by Anitta, who already used to use this type of intimate fragrances that she had already made for her by a friend of hers.

Anitta dogged Sebastian Yatra

The interpreter did her thing again in her famous Latin Grammy presentation that was broadcast by the Univision network and on that occasion the chosen one was the Colombian singer Sebastian Yatra .

When interpreting her song Envolver, the Brazilian goddess always chooses a “victim” to include in her show and dance to her in the most sensual way possible. So the winner of a gramophone was as he himself expressed: “The envy of all.”

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