Shakira shows off her 33 Barbies inspired by her and her songs. An unprecedented collection!

Shakira shows off her 33 Barbies inspired by her and her songs An unprecedented collection
Shakira shows off her 33 Barbies inspired by her and her songs An unprecedented collection
Khushbu Kumari

Shakira shows off her 33 barbies inspired by her and her songs Inedita coleccion, which one of her fans wants in her drawer

The Colombian singer Shakira, in addition to being one of the most famous worldwide, is also one of the most beloved, due to this, the interpreter of songs such as “Monotonia”, “Suerte”, “Moscas en la casa”, “La tortura”, among many others, she enjoys having her own collection of Barbies.

Just as you read it, Shakira herself shared a short video on her social networks where she shows the collection of Barbies inspired by her and the various looks and outfits that she has shown in the most important videos of her career.

Shakira published the video that the user Pop Culture Dolls made for her favorite interpreter where she shows a wide variety of dolls that are inspired by Shakira and the various looks that the Colombian has shown throughout all these years.

“Look at this! I am intrigued to play with them too!” Shakira wrote in her Instagram post where she shared the aforementioned video.

At the beginning of the video, all the dolls from the Shakira collection that the user has made so far are briefly shown and there are approximately 33 different “Shakiras”.

Some of the Shakira dolls that the Colombian interpreter and composer showed to her followers are those that will be inspired by the videos of “Te felicito”, “La Tortura” in which she appears full of mud, “La Bicicleta”, “No”, “Tons”, “Loba” and the most recent “Monotonía”.

And it is that, although all the dolls that appear in the video are characterized as Shakira appears in her videos, the one that drew attention was the one from her most recent single “Monotonía”.

It should be remembered that this video caused quite a bit of controversy because Shakira appears with a hole in her chest which was made by a man who allegedly appears dressed like her ex-partner and father of her children Piqué.

Well, the Shakira-inspired Barbie in her video for “Monotonia” also has a hole in her chest, which caused a lot of astonishment among the Colombian's followers.

Although the collection of 33 dolls inspired by Shakira's various looks has caused a great sensation, the creator of these Barbies assures that she still needs to recreate more to have them complete.

Some looks that he has yet to recreate are those of the videos of “I leave you Madrid”, “I am here”, “Clandestino”, “January Day”, “Where are you, my heart?”, “You”, “Sale el sol”, and many more.

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