Dwayne Johnson bought all the Snickers from a 7-Eleven in Hawaii where he used to steal them.

Dwayne Johnson bought all the Snickers
Dwayne Johnson bought all the Snickers
Khushbu Kumari

The Rock stole the hearts of everyone present at a 7-Eleven in Hawaii. Actor Dwayne Johnson bought all the Snickers chocolates in the store, gave them away to customers, and paid everyone's bills

The famous actor Dwayne Johnson does his thing again and has surprised all his Instagram followers by revealing details of an action he carried out in Hawaii, specifically in a 7-Eleven , where without warning he ended up buying all the Snickers chocolates from the store.

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, not only bought EVERYONE! the Snickers from a store that he used to steal from when he was just 14 years old , but instead he gave them away to those present. "I finally exorcised this damned chocolate demon that has been gnawing at me for decades," wrote the Hollywood actor along with the audiovisual material in which he collected images of this adventure in a 7-Eleven .

The star of movies like Fast & Furious and Jumanji said that for a while living in Hawaii his family was ruined. For almost a year she went to the store and took a chocolate for snack, but she had to steal it because he couldn't afford it.

He further explained that he and his family were evicted from Hawaii in 1987 and that he had been thinking of going back to correct the mistake for years. Referring to the childhood adventure that he did during a time of “stealing” or taking without paying the Snickers.

In the published audiovisual material, it is possible to see how the protagonist of Black Adam collects all the Snickers that were on the shelf, pays for them and leaves them on the counter. He then tells the employee to give one to any customer who is suspicious of wanting to steal one.

Likewise, The Rock gave the seller a tip, after asking him to take care of counting the dozens of chocolates he paid for.

Dwayne Johnson paid the bills

But on top of his “conscience”, Johnson found a good way to increase the love of his fans. He paid the bills of customers who were at the 7-Eleven at the same time as him, managing to pay an amount of $298.

The Rock commented that although this gesture may seem silly to anyone, it is quite significant to him, noting that every time he was visiting Hawaii and passed the 7-Eleven , he remembered that he needed to go in and pay for every Snickers he got. the correct way.

“We can't change the past and some of the silly things we may have done, but once in a while we can add a little redemptive grace note to that situation, and maybe put a big smile on a stranger's face,” he said. the much admired Dwayne Johnson.

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