Cynthia Rodriguez, wife of Carlos Rivera, shows off a mini waist while posing in a bikini from a yacht

Cynthia Rodriguez
Cynthia Rodriguez
Khushbu Kumari

In addition to showing off her mini waistline, posing in profile to the camera, Cynthia Rodríguez showed an angle of her shapely anatomy in which her brown-toned bikini was fully appreciated, which managed to attract attention

Cynthia Rodríguez fell in love with thousands of fans on social networks with a series of photographs in which she showed off her great body wearing only a tiny two-piece swimsuit while walking aboard a yacht and, as expected, received a shower of compliments from his admirers.

The wife of singer Carlos Rivera and former participant of the reality show 'La Academia' once again turned to her official Instagram account to share a couple of provocative photos taken during one of her most recent trips to the sea, but as has happened On previous occasions, she managed to capture all eyes thanks to the small bikini with which she showed off on camera while she herself took one of the provocative selfies.

The images that ended up raising the temperature were accompanied by the phrase: “The days when we went to the sea, the ones that gave us peace of mind...”, a phrase that is part of the lyrics of the song “A trip everywhere” by the original singer from Tlaxcala.

But in addition to showing off her mini waistband posing in profile to the camera, the former presenter of the morning show 'Venga la Alegria' was not the only one who appeared in the first image, as the legs of who they say is Carlos Rivera also appeared, a detail that It was not overlooked by his followers.

Of course Cynthia also showed an angle of her shapely anatomy in which the brown two-piece swimsuit was appreciated, managing to attract the eyes of at least 350,000 users who rated the publication with a heart-shaped reaction.

While, in the comments section, she received compliments from other celebrities and admirers who highlighted how beautiful she looks in this little swimsuit that revealed her flat abdomen and slim figure.

“The most beautiful waist in Mexico”, “But what a beauty of photos”, “What a tremendous photo”, “Natural beauty”, “You are beautiful”, “What a great body”, “What good legs”, “Everyone seeing the beautiful Cyn's body and Carlos' beautiful legs”, “Thank you for showing us that detail”, read some messages.

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