Emma Raducanu is about to become the first British billionaire sports person due to her special ability.

Emma Raducanu first British sporting billionaire
Emma Raducanu first British sporting billionaire
Khushbu Kumari

Emma Raducanu is set to become the first British sporting billionaire but it's not for her amazing ability on the court, rather that the 19-year old can speak Chinese

Emma Raducanu is about to become the first British billionaire sports person and this is all because of her ability to speak the Chinese language.

Emma is just 19 and she reached the stardom last year when she won the US Open as a rank outsider. But her British fabs were heavily heartbroken after her crash out of Wimbledon in the second round on Wednesday. However, according to the sports marketing experts the defeat made no impact on her earning potential

She is the MBE award winner and has also been crowned as the sports personality of the year after her last year's victory. She has already made £10million fortune and this has been due to sponsorship with companies like Nike, HSBC, Evian and Tiffany & Co. Now to note, she has a bigger opportunities in the west and this is her advantage due to her Chinese heritage.

Her mother Renee Zhai is a Chinese, and Emma conducted the press conference after her match in Mandarin language on Wednesday.

Xu Lijia, 34, who took her interview in Mandarin for the Shanghai Great Sports Radio, said that Emma is a big star in China and she lives in the hearts of Chinese people.

China has a population of around 1.5billion which is almost 20 percent of the entire world. The former Olympic sailing champion also said that since Emma can speak Mandarin she will get a huge reaction from the people. Thus she has an opportunity to earn more in sponsorship than what she is earning now. And this is an advantage for her as other sports person cannot achieve that.

Weibo is a Chinese social media and her hashtags are extremely popular there. Her agent Max Eisenbud from IMG said that this ambassador of nine companies has left 'millions on the table' as she is limited to only 18 sponsorship days a year. He also added that the interest in her was 'spectacular, special and not normal'.

Another sports marketing executive said 'The sky really is the limit as far as Emma is concerned. She may suffer a rise and fall in form and results. She is only 19. But she has real star quality and an appeal in part of the world many western stars have zero access to. We could be looking at Britain’s first sporting billionaire.'

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