Horacio Palencia reveals that he received criticism from Belinda's fans after writing a song for Cazzu

Horacio Palencia reveals that he received criticism from Belinda fans after writing a song for Cazzu
Horacio Palencia reveals that he received criticism from Belinda fans after writing a song for Cazzu
Khushbu Kumari

The friendship between Belinda and the singer-songwriter Horacio Palencia could have come to an end after he wrote a song for Cazzu, in addition to the criticism that has rained down on her from the fans of the Spanish singer

Belinda and Horacio Palencia have been friends for several years, but the relationship could be affected and even end because the Mexican composer recently collaborated with Cazzu, and as he revealed himself, he received attacks from fans of the Spanish artist.

Horacio Palencia is one of the most important composers of the Mexican regional, in addition to having collaborated with artists of the stature of David Bisbal, Alejandro Fernández, Lucero or Maluma, to mention just a few.

But the song “Amor at Primera Vista” that she wrote and recorded with Los Angeles Azules and Belinda could be one of his last collaborations, because as revealed by the native of Rosario, Sinaloa, the singer's fans launched strong accusations against him when they discovered that he also wrote a song for Cazzu, Christian Nodal's current girlfriend.

“I don't know how they realized that Cazzu recorded a song for me that hasn't even been released to the public, but Belinda's fans began to finish me off,” he explained in an interview with the “De Primera Mano” program.

After the scandal that was generated, Palencia tried to calm down the fans with a message through his social networks in which he clarified that the composers are not exclusive to the artists.

“Artists are not exclusive to any one composer either. Regardless of whether one is recorded by different artists, even if the same fans are enemies of each other, whatever, but one works for all the artists, “he explained.

Palencia revealed that he is very fond of Belinda for which he even composed another song for her, but so far he has not received an answer.

“I wrote a song for Belinda, but she's been kind of busy. I am in the best disposition to continue working with her and I don't like to put pressure either, such as saying: 'Hey, Belinda, there's your song, let's go record it', that is, I like to give the artist his space and whenever he wants there is the song, and if it is not possible, nothing happens either ”, he added.

But when asked about the possibility that the singer is upset by combining her talent with Cazzu, he assured that he will try to investigate if this could be the reason why he has not received an answer.

“I don't know, I'm going to ask around, the same and yes, I'm going to probe around, but I don't think so, it's as if I get upset because Belinda records other composers, well no, you have to have the maturity to accept that part”. Likewise, Horacio Palencia stressed that he also feels admiration for Belinda because of how beautiful she is, just as her name says, because in addition to being responsible and disciplined, she has achieved too many things in the life of she.

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