Ninel Conde shows off her shapely rear guard in front of the sea in Acapulco

Ninel Conde showed off her heart attack figure
Ninel Conde showed off her heart attack figure
Khushbu Kumari

Ninel Conde showed off her heart attack figure while walking along the sea in Acapulco, where she returned to show off her back to the camera and while adjusting her tiny pink bikini

Ninel Conde returned to Mexico to show off in a tiny bikini under the sun's rays, but true to her style, she appeared modeling a tiny swimsuit that highlighted the beauty of her curves as she walked aboard a sailboat in front of the Acapulco sea.

“El Bombón Asesino” continues to attract attention on social networks with the sensual publications she shares, because in addition to positioning herself as an actress and singer, she has also managed to stand out as a model, leaving millions of followers pleasantly surprised.

This is how in one of his recent appearances, he boasted that he is back in Mexico, specifically in Acapulco, Guerrero, from where he shared a video in which he wore a bikini that exposed his curves to the maximum.

But it was exactly while posing under the sun's rays during a sailing trip that the controversial artist caught the eye of her admirers. And it is that for this heated recording she chose a neon pink bikini that not only highlighted her perfect tan, because as has happened in other publications, she also revealed her charming curves.

“How beautiful is my Acapulco Mexico. What a beautiful Sunday”, is the phrase with which he accompanied the clip of a few seconds.

To make her fans fall in love even more, Ninel Conde showed some angles of her heart-stopping figure, from shots taken by herself, to some images captured with her back to the camera in which she showed off her trained and well-shaped rear, without missing those in which accommodates his tiny garment.

And although she is considered one of the celebrities who knows how to attract attention with the most daring swimsuits, she has also managed to stand out as an expert when it comes to exposing her silhouette from the gym, where she spends part of her day to maintain a figure of heart attack.

This was how she previously shared some exercises that she performs, but what definitely caught her attention was the tight white sports outfit that she chose to show that at 46 she is still on the list of celebrities who have a spectacular body.

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