Costco released a chocolate chip ricotta cheese and it's dividing consumers

Costco released a chocolate chip ricotta cheese and its dividing consumers
Costco released a chocolate chip ricotta cheese and its dividing consumers
Khushbu Kumari

The ricotta cheese with chocolate chips that the chain of club stores Costco put on sale has divided opinions among its consumers across the country

The products that Costco regularly launches tend to generate a good reception among its consumers. However, there are others that have generated a lot of intrigue, such as ricotta cheese, which has become a sensation on social networks because it contains chocolate chips.

Through Instagram, the @costcobuys account shared a publication of the product after finding it in one of the chain's locations. “This cheese is versatile and delicious…chocolate ricotta pancakes anyone?”

Reactions to the product have not been long in coming on social networks. “It looks absolutely delicious,” said one user. “No! Just NO!” another person said, while someone else said: “This is the peak of America. How can they do this to ricotta?

According to the product description, this is a creamy chocolate dessert cheese that pairs well with Italian white wine prosecco. The price per pound is $13.89 dollars.

After the controversy generated in networks, some users have compared the new presentation of the cheese with the Italian cannoli, a typical sweet that consists of a rolled dough in the shape of a tube that contains ingredients mixed with ricotta cheese inside.

“What do you all think is in a cannoli?” one user said. “I can see from some of the comments that a lot of you have never had a cannoli,” another consumer commented.

In the midst of the debate that the product has generated, some users recommend consuming it with cannoli chips, whole grain cookies, biscuits or vanilla wafers.

Costco's chocolate chip ricotta hasn't been the only item being talked about in recent days. The chain's sushi recently drew negative reviews due to its quality. Users have said that the prolonged refrigeration time has affected its flavor and consistency.

Another debate that has been generated revolves around the food court that Costco has in the United States compared to others such as the one in Canada. This has made many wonder why the same varieties of products are not offered in national stores.

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