Celia Lora raises the temperature by posing as a Playboy bunny showing off her exuberant curves

Celia Lora posing as a Playboy bunny
Celia Lora posing as a Playboy bunny
Khushbu Kumari

Celia Lora was proud to belong to the clan of Playboy bunnies, so she did not skimp when it came to overflowing her charms in front of the camera modeling revealing clothes

Celia Lora is very proud to be one of the favorite Playboy bunnies, so posing with daring clothes and accessories that distinguish her as one of them raised the temperature within her official Instagram account.

The hot content made by the daughter of rocker Alex Lora continues to provoke all kinds of reactions, from those who classify her as one of the most sensual and beautiful models, to those who do not agree that she shows off her voluptuous charms at the slightest provocation.

Also, in recent days he starred in a heated series of statements against the model Sabrina Sabrok, who questioned his success within the OnlyFans exclusive content platform .

In this regard, Lora did not hesitate to defend herself, assuring that she did not know Argentina and that she is not "in competition with anyone", so she is not willing to comment, let alone against a woman. But yes, she made it clear that the recognition she achieved has not been an easy task.

And to remind just over 10 million Instagram followers that she is one of the most successful models on virtual platforms, she was proud to belong to the clan of Playboy bunnies , so she did not skimp on overflowing her charms on camera.

This is how, in addition to showing off with the distinctive accessories of the Hugh Hefner emporium , she also celebrated Christmas wearing a red bodysuit with a wide belt and white details that made her look dazzling on at least two occasions.

The heated images continued and she also attracted all eyes with a blue suit in which she once again resorted to uncovering, this time wearing a deep neckline that was liked by more than 100,000 users who rated her with a heart reaction.

The controversial ex-inhabitant of 'La Casa de los Famosos' has not stopped pampering her most demanding Instagram followers, and as another clear example of this was the snapshot in which she captivated with a revealing set of lace and transparent lingerie with the that its anatomy was exposed.

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