The day Tesla got involved in motorsports

The day Tesla got involved in motorsports
The day Tesla got involved in motorsports
Khushbu Kumari

With all its history in the automotive market for electric vehicles, Tesla decided to cover the section of sustainable motor sports

After several years in the automotive market consolidated as one of the pioneers in electric mobility, Tesla decided in 2021 to take a step towards motor sports and sponsor Formula SAE through free advice, as well as the provision of battery cells. at no cost, promoting the development of the category.

The US manufacturer supplied up to 1,000 high-performance 18650 battery cells, of which participating teams have the option to select between a high-energy and a high-power cell, depending on their application. Beginner teams have a discount of up to 80% on prefabricated modules, hardware courtesy of Enepaq (formerly Energus Power Systems), with an order limit of 20,000 euros.

In this way, teams interested in having the help of Tesla must register in at least one Student Formula engineering competition in 2022. The options can be: Formula SAE Michigan (June), Formula Student UK (July) and Formula Student Germany (August).

In this way, Tesla's initiative regarding Formula SAE, where the talent of its practitioners is exposed, can serve as a test for the American electric vehicle manufacturer to delve further into sustainable competitions, and perhaps its name will appear in the most important categories in the world.

What is SAE Formula

The Formula SAE series competitions, developed by SAE International, challenge teams of undergraduate and graduate college students to conceive, design, manufacture, develop and race small formula-style vehicles. The races provide squads with the opportunity to showcase and test both their creativity and engineering skills against teams from other universities around the world.

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