Paris Hilton wore a very tight neon outfit to go partying with Ashley Benson

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton
Khushbu Kumari

At 41 years old, Paris Hilton delighted the public's pupil with her night look. It was a tight neon-colored dress that outlined her figure, check it out here!

The socialite Paris Hilton and the actress Ashley Benson starred in a night out that gave something to talk about thanks to the impressive outfit that the billionaire heiress rocked. What did her look consist of? Here we tell you the details.

What a stir originated on Instagram and Twitter after various photographs of both famous people were released while they arrived at a luxurious restaurant located in Santa Monica.

In her case, businesswoman Paris Hilton stole the attention of the cameras thanks to the monochrome look she chose for the occasion. This consisted of a very tight neon-colored mesh dress that she accompanied with a coat, shoes, bag, and glasses of the same color.

It should be noted that as part of her look, the DJ also wore her long blonde hair on her shoulders, as well as simple but glamorous makeup.

This fashion moment made dozens of Internet users revive some of the outfits that the billionaire has worn throughout her career in show business. Within the count, she could not miss her iconic pink velvet outfit with a Hello Kitty crop top that she recently rocked and rocked social networks.

At that time, Paris Hilton took a trip to the past and recreated a photo session with the characteristic outfit of the 2000s. As a result, Internet users did not take long to dedicate one or another compliment, as well as to emphasize that despite the passage of time, “continue the same”.

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