Maribel Guardia confesses her concern for Alfredo Adame and reacts to Pablo Lyle's sentence

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Maribel Guardia confesses her concern for Alfredo Adame and reacts to Pablo Lyles sentence
Maribel Guardia confesses her concern for Alfredo Adame and reacts to Pablo Lyles sentence
Khushbu Kumari

Maribal Guardia spoke of the consequences that an impulse can bring, as was the case of the actor Pablo Lyle and the series of fights in which Alfredo Adame has been involved

The sentence of 5 years in prison and 8 more of probation imposed on the Mexican actor Pablo Lyle has become one of the most talked about topics inside and outside of social networks, for which even some celebrities have expressed their unconditional support, a One of them was Maribel Guardia, who lamented the situation that her colleague is experiencing.

And it is that, during a recent interview that she gave to various media, the actress and singer from Costa Rica explained that it was an unfortunate event that left a great lesson for everyone, because before reacting, you should meditate a little on what you want to do to prevent tragedies like this from happening.

“Very sad, Pablo Lyle is a lesson that remains for all of us that it is important, we all get angry and we all lose our temper, that it is important to reflect for a moment, count to 10 before making a decision about what you are going to answer because in the moment one gets passionate and sometimes gets angry”, he commented.

The host of the next Talk Show 'This is personal' also expressed his good wishes so that the 35-year-old actor can resume his career once he completes his sentence.

“One can be physically violent at times and that is what we have left of lesson, God bless him, such a beautiful boy, so handsome, I ask God for him and I ask God that at the end of these 5 years she can resume her career that has a producer who can extend her hand because he is a very talented boy”, she added.

She ended by saying that she is “sure she took the lesson” because Pablo Lyle has already “suffered a lot.”

But continuing on the same topic about controlling anger when responding to physical aggression, she was also questioned about the controversy that once again involves the actor and driver Alfredo Adame, who recently got involved in another street fight.

He recalled that he has worked with him on television because they both participated in the soap opera 'You and I', while in the cinema they also shared the screen with the late actress Edith Gonzalez, for which he is very fond of her and does not want anything to happen to him. bad to his companions.

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