Masterchef star who joined OnlyFans contacts police after racy pics shared on WhatsApp

Masterchef star Mery Liviero
Masterchef star Mery Liviero
S Choudhury

The wannabe chef who dazzled fans of Masterchef series 11 on Italian TV has contacted a specialist police communications squad to help track down the 'idiots' who stole her photos

An aspiring chef who turned to OnlyFans to finance her YouTube cookery channel has demanded a police investigation after explicit photos that she shared privately on the adult platform were stolen.

Mery Liviero, who made it to the sixth round of Masterchef Italy before being eliminated, dreamed of launching a YouTube channel to showcase her recipes.

In hope of making enough money to build a kitchen studio to shoot clips, Mery – who delighted Masterchef fans with her signature punk rock style – launched an OnlyFans account.

But Mery, 26, was shocked to find that some of the explicit images she had shared in private chats through the platform had been copied and shared on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger across Italy.

A furious Mery contacted Italy’s Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni – a special department of the state police that specialises in crimes related to the country’s communications network.

"The person responsible will be be getting an unpleasant call, and they deserve it,” Mery said.

“This is to make you understand that I am not joking when you cross the line. There is talk of image theft and it is a serious criminal offence."

She confirmed on social media that she had filed a complaint for "illegal dissemination of sexually explicit images or videos" in contravention of article 612 of Italy’s criminal code – the same legislation that outlaws so-called revenge porn.

"This morning I learned from a follower on Instagram that another Telegram channel has been created with my photos,” she said.

“I remind you of the phrase that I always repeat ,” she wrote, “if you steal and post my private material I will find you and denounce you".

“The material shared and published on my profile is not to be shared or sold, especially including those in a private and personalised form,” Mery stressed.

“Any disclosure of materials and content outside this portal will be sued in court."

Mery, who also works as the manager of a Ravioli shop in Rome thanked fans who had helped her report the “idiots” that had been sharing her photos.

The cooking star also worked as a personal trainer and currently lives in Rome with her boyfriend, dog and cat.

As well as OnlyFans, Mery curretnly has over 22k followers on Instagram, where she also shares racy photos, her cooking and life at home.

If content creators’ images and videos are copied and misused, OnlyFans has a specialist DMCA team that can help to recover pirated content.

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