Yailin appears in a daring costume in the last stage of her pregnancy

Yailin appears in a daring costume in the last stage of her pregnancy
Yailin appears in a daring costume in the last stage of her pregnancy
Khushbu Kumari

With a peculiar outfit, Yailin was seen in her Instagram stories, but then she deleted what she uploaded. Were they images for Anuel AA to see? We tell you what happened

The singer Yailin 'La Más Viral' again gives something to talk about. After generating a wave of comments for the Valentine's gifts she received and for showing her wedding ring after Anuel AA 's announcement of her separation, she reappears on Instagram in a costume.

On this occasion, in her stories on Instagram, she posted two selfie -type photographs wearing a sensual nurse's outfit. She appeared dressed in a white triangle top with red crosses in the center; in addition to a headdress in her hair with the same colors.

In the second photo of the Dominican, one of her hands can be seen, revealing that she would be retaining liquids as is common in the last stage of pregnancy. The artist is waiting for the birth of her daughter Cattleya, the product of her marriage to the urban singer Anuel AA.

Few days ago she also made some post on her instagram reavealing her pregnancy bump.

Curiously, after several hours of posting in the stories of the social network, the singer deleted the photos. The reasons why she deleted the selfies of her are unknown.

Were they a message for Anuel?

The stories of Yailin “La Más Viral” were published hours after Emmanuel Gazmey, real name of Anuel AA, shared photos enjoying the “All Star Weekend” of the NBA, where he met with friends and stars of the league.

This week, Yailin published images of a series of gifts he received on Valentine's Day; among them, jewels and roses . Internet users questioned whether it was a reconciliation with Anuel AA or an advertisement for the jewelry store that brought him the gifts.

On February 8, the rapper announced through an Instagram live that he was separated from Yailin, who is pregnant with his daughter. Although he did not specify why they ended their relationship, he said that the 20-year-old is “good-hearted.”

Anuel AA and Yailin The most viral, were married eight months ago in a civil ceremony held in the Dominican Republic. In November 2022 they confirmed that they were expecting their baby.

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