Karol G perrea on the floor of a hotel at Paris Fashion Week and shows the new challenge of 'TQG'

Karol G Las Bichota heated up Instagram
Karol G Las Bichota heated up Instagram
Khushbu Kumari

Las Bichota heated up Instagram with their seductive movements showing their fans how they should dog to do the challenge of their song 'TQG' with Shakira. She then went on to succeed at Paris Fashion Week

The Bichota continues unstoppable. Karol G left after his triumph on television in Spain at Paris Fashion Week . There from the hotel in “La Ciudad del Amor” the urban genre singer went down to the ground and perreó showing what all the bichotas in the world must do for the new challenge of “TQG”.

She also shared movements that she recreates and that are part of the choreography with Shakira for the video of “TQG”, which continues unstoppable in reproduction records on YouTube, she twerked as only Karol G knows how to do it . Immediately, Instagram and Tik Tok have been filled with fans around the world replicating the challenge.

Las Bichota then arrived at the Loewe show at Paris Fashion Week in an almost translucent dress in which a piercing could be seen in one of her attributes. As well as sunglasses and her well-groomed red hair. She herself that she spoke about recently with Pablo Motos in “El Hormiguero”, where she said why she has liked to wear multi-colored hair since she was very young.

Karol G talked about how “TQG” happened with Shakira

Right on the same television show, Anuel AA's ex said that at first she wanted to do a song with Shakira but never received an answer. After the well-deserved tribute that Karol G dedicated to her and other Hispanic artists at Coachella 2022, it was Shak who contacted her colleague. But Carolina Giraldo , as the Colombian is really called, rejected the proposal. She said that she did not consider how she could brighten the subject and that she did not connect with it.

Shakira 's drama with Gerard Piqué came later. Karol G already had the theme written. This time he called Shak personally and not through his equipment and the interpreter of “Waka Waka” immediately said yes. The only condition that she had to accept “El Makinón” and “Gatúbela” was to wait for him to release the song with Bizarrap, Music Session #53 . This was done and today they have one of the most important successes in their careers: “TQG”.

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