Luchador Chessman apologizes to Adrian Marcelo as ordered by company and not by regret

Luchador Chessman apologizes to Adrian Marcelo as ordered by company
Luchador Chessman apologizes to Adrian Marcelo as ordered by company
Khushbu Kumari

The gladiator who gave the influencer and TV host a tremendous slap in the face offered him a very unique apology, since he did not mention his name and said that he was doing it forced by his company

Kevin Citlali Zamora, better known as Chessman , traveled to Monterrey to apologize for the blow he gave Adrián Marcelo, influencer and host of local channel 6; However, he did not do it out of his heart, but forced , since he himself revealed that the company he works for, AAA , ordered him to do so.

During the Nocturnal Newscast, a broadcast by Grupo Multimedios, a company in which Adrián Marcelo works, the fighter mentioned his apology, although he insisted that it was for Grupo Multimedios and not for the driver he hit during The World is a Vampire festival , since that he considers him a disrespectful person.

“ I don't even want to mention him (Adrián Marcelo), he is a disrespectful person, he has no place in these programs. I come to request a public apology to Multimedios on behalf of AAA and Chessman. I don't mention him, has this person apologized to all the people he has offended?” he said live.

And it is that, since his arrival at the airport, Chessman had already anticipated that he was not born to apologize.

“It is not very pleasant (to travel to Monterrey), I am here for my company. AAA forced me. If it were up to me I wasn't here to apologize to… what's that person's name? ”, He explained to the cameras of Channel 6, where the influencer works.

And to make it clear, although the fighter acknowledged that his action was not the best, he emphasized that he would do it again in the case of the influencer , who has earned the rejection of a large group of Internet users on social networks due to offensive comments and discriminatory behavior that he usually does, mainly towards overweight people.

“That it fits well on you, you have to be educated, I do it for my company, not because I want to, maybe what I did was wrong, the act, but I would do it again; many people have threatened me, but look how many have congratulated me (laughs). Really, because of AAA I am here, if it were up to me, I would not be there,” she concluded.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to the fact that his company forced him to apologize, it also punished him with a two-week suspension from his events.

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