Model Amy Kupps lost her teaching job when her ex informed the head teacher.

onlyfan Model Amy Kupps lost her teaching job
onlyfan Model Amy Kupps lost her teaching job
Khushbu Kumari

OnlyFans star Amy Kupps claims that she was fired from her teaching job after her ex-partner told the headteacher about her saucy snaps. She is now trying to work on the adult platform full-time

A model says she was forced to leave her job as a teacher after her ex exposed her OnlyFans career.

Before being rumbled, Amy Kupps had been living a double life as a history teacher by day and saucy star at night. The 32-year-old, from Charlotte, North Carolina, had worked at a school for seven years when she decided to take on a second job.

After seeing the positive response to her Instagram photos on the @amy.kupps93 page, she joined OnlyFans in 2019. She’s made $150,000 (around £110,000) from the adults only platform, which allows creators to put content behind a paywall.

Amy said: “I'd never given that sort of thing a thought until my husband encouraged me as a way we could start making extra money.”

Amy added: “When I was younger I'd always wanted to be in Playboy or be an actress, but I grew up and became a teacher with a husband, so why would I have considered it? I started out small, just on Instagram mainly posting selfies of my enhanced bust and lips.”

“Men absolutely drooled over them, the comments they would leave were such a boost so I decided to create an OnlyFans account. It was liberating to realise men found me this attractive.”

While Amy was “pretty nervous” about sharing saucy snaps online, she soon found her feet.

The OnlyFans star said: “I quickly got the hang of it and it was so lovely having my husband supporting me.

“He helped me by being my photographer and we would think of new content together. I really thought it was going well and we were a team.”

Amy loved sneaking around and kept her career quiet from her family, friends or colleagues.

She said: “I loved that I had this side to me that no one at school knew about.”

Amy added: “I felt like a naughty superhero - teacher by day, temptress by night.

“It would get me through some of the lessons when the kids were trouble or it had been a long day.”

While the influencer enjoyed her second job, it soon started taking a toll on her marriage.

She admitted: “We couldn't talk without rowing. My husband couldn't handle that there were men online spoiling me with gifts far more expensive than he could.”

Amy, who taught history to 12-13 year olds, claims the breakdown of her marriage led to teachers finding out about her OnlyFans career.

She says she was called into the headteachers office and suspended from her role.

The model said: “I think I knew what it was about before I even got to the meeting.

“I had always discussed with my ex how I wanted to remain anonymous for the students, staff and other parents that I'm friends with. Protecting the kids is important to me.”

She continued: “I had to have a virtual meeting with the principal and school board because of Covid-19. It was awkward. I was trembling with tears and embarrassment. They made me feel so small and disgusting. It turned out that my ex had shown my page to someone on the school board, who went and told the head teacher. I was suspended while they decided what to do but there was no point denying it. Besides, I wasn't embarrassed about doing it, but knowing my colleagues knew about it made me cringe. I was so mortified I felt I had no choice but to step down. I couldn't continue working with those people. It wouldn't have been long before parents and kids found out and I didn't want that. I did get a few disgusting looks from the parents. Not many from the dads, unsurprisingly, just the mums.”

Amy confronted her ex, who she claims admitted to being the culprit.

She said: “I asked him if it was him and he didn't deny it. He acted like I should be ashamed of myself.”

Amy and her ex divorced in December 2020 – and while her teaching career is on pause, she’s focusing on OnlyFans instead.

She said: “My ultimate goal is to be one of the most famous OnlyFans models in the world. I find it comforting chatting with men from all different walks of life. They make me feel special and wanted.”

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