Erika Montano says that Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria and Ana De Armas set trends after the Oscar

Erika Montano says that Salma Hayek Eva Longoria and Ana De Armas set trends after the Oscar
Erika Montano says that Salma Hayek Eva Longoria and Ana De Armas set trends after the Oscar
Khushbu Kumari

One of the celebrity makeup artists in Los Angeles, Erika Montano, assures that Latinas imposed fashion with their makeup after the 2023 Oscars: Ana De Armas, Eva Longoria and Salma Hayek

The looks and trends of the past Oscars 2023 Awards are just becoming fashionable. As always, once the artists have seen them, there are many who come out to replicate it and make it a trend. La Opinion had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Erika Montano, makeup artist of various celebrities in Los Angeles, and she assured us that the Latinas were the winners of the night : Ana De Armas, Eva Longoria and Salma Hayek.

Erika Montano has made up artists such as Bizzarap, Residente, Emily Tosta, Gerardo Ortiz, She-Roze, among many more. The Mexican is an expert in ensuring that the Latina woman is not only imposed on the screens and digital reproduction platforms but also in fashion. According to the makeup expert, Ana, Salma and Eva shone and by far at the Oscars.

But Erika also explained what trends they used, if they had already existed before and how the evolution of what we saw of the famous has been and that many replicate after the most important night of cinema in Hollywood, such as the Oscars 2023 .

Soft Pink

Undoubtedly, one of the leading looks of the night were the pink tones. Giving a very clean appearance, highlighting the naturalness and freshness of the makeup. One of the favorite bearers of this style was the Cuban Ana de Armas, who made her look with pink glitter on her eyelids.

Emily Blunt and another favorite, Florence Pugh, opted for a matte pink as their shade, a texture we've seen since last season. Another who wore a makeup look in pink tones was Angela Bassett . Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis was another wearer of a pink look proving that going natural will always make you look fresh and confident. โ€œLet's remember that sometimes less is more,โ€ says Erika Montano.

Bright red

Several guests on the champagne carpet at the 2023 Oscars opted for bright red lips. Being the most prominent Jessica Chastein and Michelle Williams. Or, being a complement to a more dramatic look as worn by Lady Gaga.

Classic Lined

One of the favorite looks for the Hollywood makeup artist Erika Montano and that will never go out of style is the eyeliner. For the expert, you can take them as short as Rihanna and Florence Pugh, or something longer as the actress of Colombian origin, Sofia Carson, chose .

Ashley Graham, the curvy top model, always wears them and this time was no exception. โ€œShe had spectacular matte skin,โ€ she said. Janelle Monae and Fan Bingbing also wore eyeliner but in a more retro vibe.


โ€œWe are seeing them come back, even though they are a classic, now they are much more present and they are taking away the prominence from makeup, not makeup look โ€, affirms Erika Montano .

Smoky can be seen from something more understated and natural like Vanessa Hudgens and Winnie Harlow, who went for cinnamon brown and nude lip shades. Or like Cara Delevingne and the Mexican Salma Hayek choosing warm colors to match the color of their dresses, being two of the stars of the night looking spectacular from head to toe.

We also saw much more loaded and glamorous looks like the gorgeous Eva Longoria and Ariana DeBose wearing a smoked with platinum touches.

Finally, the trend that started Wednesday Addams โ€œSoft Gothโ€ was led by the spectacular by Nicole Kidman. Also wearing eyebrows that are darker than normal, contrasting with her skin, giving her that trendy gothic touch.

Finally, one of the things that Erika Montano said that most attracted the attention of celebrities at the 2023 Oscar Awards was the eyebrows. โ€œShe left the organic and tousled behind, adding a little more definition with a hybrid effect with the upturned ends to lift her gaze and make her more seductive,โ€ she added.

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