Galilea Montijo confesses that he was unfaithful to an ex-partner; Was it Fernando Reina Iglesias?

Galilea Montijo confesses that he was unfaithful to an ex partner Was it Fernando Reina Iglesias
Galilea Montijo confesses that he was unfaithful to an ex partner Was it Fernando Reina Iglesias
Khushbu Kumari

Galilea Montijo shamelessly revealed that she had cheated on one of her ex-partners because he was a very jealous man who 'led her' to being unfaithful with that obsessive behavior

Recently, Galilea Montijo made public her divorce from Fernando Reina Iglesias on good terms, after 11 years of marriage, but now she is in the “eye of the hurricane” because she was unfaithful to one of her sentimental ex-partners.

It was in the program “Netas Divinas”, where the presenter of “Hoy” spoke about her disloyalty towards an ex-boyfriend from a few years ago, who was very jealous and wanted to impose how to dress, because from her point of view, the actress is also “He taught a lot.”

“I had a boyfriend who was very jealous, I've always liked to socialize and he told me: 'No, it's the worst thing you can do.' We were at a friend's house where all our friends are gay, we were going to have dinner, I went out very well and she told me: 'don't you think you're very naked?” Galilea Montijo said.

“He loved seeing me on television, having met me, but he shit and %$ how I was, that I laughed and I really like parties, friends, laughing, but later I understood over time that the one who shit$%and It was me,” he added.

During the talk, Galilea Montijo accepted that she was unfaithful to that ex-partner : “I tried to change for a long time. I have to confess that I cheated on her, but she yelled at me, she pushed me away”.

Galilea Montijo took couples therapy to save her marriage

According to the Mexican magazine “TvNotas”, a source close to the ex-partner, stated that Galilea Montijo decided to go to individual and couples therapy to try to save her marriage with Fernando Reina Iglesias, but it was useless.

“She took couples therapy, in addition to personal and individual therapy, she always sought support, because it was important for her to be convinced that what she was doing was the best. Believe me, as I know Gali and she was going to exhaust all instances to work on her marriage,” the insider told the publication.

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