Nicki Minaj opens her legs and reacts to criticism for weight gain saying 'I am fat'

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj
Khushbu Kumari

Nicki Minaj, the eternal rival of Cardi B went very sexy on Instagram but received strong criticism for her weight gain. However, she took revenge on her fans by playing a prank on them.

Nicki Minaj, the controversial rapper and rival of Cardi B , Nicky Minaj , posted on Instagram a sensual photo with her legs spread wearing a very tight black bodysuit , after having appeared in London . The criticism that she received from her for her obvious weight gain made her react to them , because while they called her (and she was called "Fat"), she played a joke on her followers. She told them that she was pregnant with her second child.

Singer Nicki Minaj made headlines after her performance at London's Wireless festival this weekend , and not just because of the success of her musical number. The artist appeared on stage with a few extra pounds , so the most tabloid tweeters and newspapers soon speculated on the possibility that she was once again pregnant . She said that it was indeed true, but it was just a joke on the part of the rapper.

Shortly after, and precisely to deal with these rumors, rapper Nicki Minaj connected with her Instagram Live fans to explain the reason for her slight weight gain . "I'm not fat, what happens is that I'm pregnant," she pointed out emphatically during the conversation, causing numerous congratulations from her fans.

A second later, Nicki Minaj snatched the illusion from them with a single blow, clarifying that it was a mere joke . “Oh wait, did I say it backwards? Oh, sorry, I think I said it wrong. What she wanted to say is that I'm not pregnant, I'm fat … But thank you guys for all those congratulations messages,” the rapper said of having a second child with Kenneth Petty .

The hip hop star debuted in motherhood in September 2020, with the birth of a son of whom many details have not yet been revealed at the express wish of his parents. As for his partner and the baby's father, Kenneth Petty , he is under house arrest. He was sentenced to one year and must also pay a fine of $ 55,000 dollars, for not declaring himself a sexual aggressor after a sentence passed against him two years ago.

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