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Carmen Villalobos publishes a passionate reunion photos with her boyfriend Frederik Oldenburg

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Carmen Villalobos publishes a passionate reunion photos
Carmen Villalobos publishes a passionate reunion photos
Khushbu Kumari

The actress Carmen Villalobos and her boyfriend Frederik Oldenburg had not seen each other for weeks because they live in different countries. To visit her, he traveled from the United States to Colombia and when he met her again, he surprised her.

From the moment they made their love official, Carmen Villalobos and Frederik Oldenburg have been in the eye of public opinion. Fans have not stopped commenting and praising the couple for their obvious happiness and connection.

Despite living in different countries, she in Colombia and he in the United States, due to the projects and obligations they have had to face individually, both have tried to organize themselves to keep their courtship solid.

However, in the last few hours the emotional reunion of the couple has been announced. Frederik Oldenburg traveled to Bogotá to visit his beloved after several days without seeing him in person. Carmen Villalobos received her partner in a very particular and expressive way, wearing a sensual outfit and a new hair look.

In a video posted by the actress to her Instagram stories, you can see how she joked and wanted to do a little suspense before opening the door and meeting her boyfriend. “Who arrived?” Carmen asked, letting out a laugh. When she finally opened it, she was surprised and said upon receiving Frederik “With little flowers and everything, my love.”

Once together, the couple hugged, kissed and seemed very happy to be back to be together She added the text to the video: “My love has arrived. I LOVE YOU.”

Recently, Carmen Villalobos surprised her followers by announcing her return as host of ‘Top Chef VIP’ from Telemundo. To fulfill this responsibility, the actress is living in Bogotá, the city to which the Venezuelan traveled to meet again.

“Carmen, my life, I love you, my life. Success in the second season, for you, for the entire technical and production team of ‘Top Chef VIP’, also for the judges and the participants. They come with everything, ”wrote the television host when his girlfriend made the announcement.

Frederik Oldenburg has not hidden his excitement and joy for the new projects of Carmen Villalobos. The couple have made it clear that their love is solid and that they are willing to face any obstacle to keep it alive.


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