Drew Barrymore moves fans with video in the rain

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore
Khushbu Kumari

'Whenever you can go outside in the rain, don't miss the opportunity', said the actress Drew Barrymore amid laughter.

Actress Drew Barrymore moved her fans and followers on social media by sharing a video on Instagram in which she appears laughing with emotion as she rains. The post shows the 47-year-old celebrity with wet clothes, hair and glasses as she runs in the rain. Watch the record by clicking here .

“Whenever you can go outside in the rain, don't miss the opportunity,” Barrymore says in the video amid laughter.

“Loved it!”, exclaimed a person in the comment space of the post by the actress. “You are pure joy,” said another. “Loved all this energy,” wrote a third. “It's these little things that give meaning to life,” said someone else.

Barrymore was just 6 years old when he starred in 'ET - The Extra-Terrestrial' (1982). Daughter of actor John Drew Barrymor and actress Jaid Barrymore, she had a troubled youth, with several problems related to alcohol and drug abuse.

The actress resumed her successful professional career in the early 2000s, starring in and producing Charlie's Angels franchise films and several successful romantic comedies.

Barrymore was married three times. From her most recent marriage, with Will Kopelman, between 2012 and 2016, her two daughters were born: Olive (10 years old) and Frankie (8 years old). Since 2020 she hosts her talk show 'The Drew Barrymore Show'.

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