Lindsay Lohan became the mother of a boy in Dubai

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Lindsay Lohan became the mother of a boy in Dubai
Lindsay Lohan became the mother of a boy in Dubai
Khushbu Kumari

The controversial Lindsay Lohan is a mom! The Hollywood singer and actress welcomed her first child ella Luai from ella in the company of her husband Bader Shammas from Dubai.

One of the most controversial actresses in Hollywood Lindsay Lohan has just become a mother at the age of 37 today to a boy and from Dubai. Place where she has lived for some time with her husband Bader Shammas the star of movies like Herbie Fully Loaded, Freaky Friday and you tube.

After the pandemic, Lindsay Lohan had an announcement of her engagement to Bader. A few months ago, she announced that she was waiting sweetly and she boasted photos of her pregnancy on Instagram. The baby has already arrived in the lives of her parents, calls Luai Shammas.

According to sources linked to the family, some of their relatives are leaving the United States via Dubai to meet the little new member and first child of actress Lindsay Lohan. Not long ago, the artist had been with her family in New York with her husband, making it clear that around them there is more harmony than ever.

What does the name of Lindsay Lohan's first child, Luai Shammas.

Because of her husband, an Arab, the child is named Luai, which means “Shield” or “Protection” in this language. “A beautiful and healthy son named Luai. The family is madly in love,” said the relative of the family.

Late last year, Lindsay Lohan on The Drew Barrymore Show how she fell in love with Bader and how life surprised her, leading her to great love. By that time she said: “You don't know if those things can happen to you or not.” She admitted that it was clearly unlikely to happen to her, given her long love history.

Lindsay Lohan is certainly one of the few actresses who managed to survive a childhood full of fame and little privacy in Hollywood, also to a youth full of excesses and controversy. Congratulations on her and her family.

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