Alexa Dellanos shows off her 22-inch mini-waist as she walks the streets of Paris

Alexa Dellanos shows off her mini waist in Paris
Alexa Dellanos shows off her mini waist in Paris
Khushbu Kumari

Alexa Dellanos is in Paris, and from there she shared with her fans a series of photos in which she showed off her spectacular figure. The fashion and lifestyle influencer has thoroughly enjoyed a long trip through Europe.

Alexa Dellanos has embarked on a long journey through several European countries, and now she is in France. Looking spectacular with joggers and a tiny white top, the girl went out for a walk through the streets of Paris, showing off her already famous 22-inch mini-waist when posing for photos that already exceed 138,000 likes on Instagram.

In Ibiza, the beautiful fashion and lifestyle influencer wore a printed micro bikini and even went topless when she went swimming in the sea, but at night she went out to a club wearing a minidress full of transparencies that left little to the imagination.

Alexa Dellanos also visited Greece and delighted her followers on Instagram with an image that shows her on board a boat, wearing a curious outfit consisting of a fringed skirt and a bra in tune with her total white look. The message that she wrote next to the images was “after the beach”.

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