Rosalia uses the ring that Rauw Alejandro gave her again

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Rosalia uses the ring that Rauw Alejandro gave her again
Rosalia uses the ring that Rauw Alejandro gave her again
Khushbu Kumari

Rosalia used the engagement ring that Rauw Alejandro gave her again, but in a different way.

The Spanish singer Rosalía was present at fashion week in Milan, Italy, in one of the most important events of the year. She celebrated her birthday and could be seen together to Kendall Jenner. However, what caught the attention of her followers the most was that the “Motomami” once again used the engagement ring that her ex-partner, Rauw Alejandro, gave her.

The “Motomami” wore the ring hanging like an earring in her ear. However, some of her followers pointed out that it is not the gift she gave her. the Puerto Rican singer. That Rosalía used this accessory once again raised rumors about an alleged reconciliation between the couple, who decided to end their relationship months ago, without the reasons being made known.

After recording the video clip Kiss, which the couple performed, Rauw Alejandro gave the Spanish woman an expensive piece of white gold with a large diamond, accompanied by others precious stones set forming a triangle from the Jessica Flinn-Allen signature, valued at approximately 183 thousand dollars.

On July 25, when People magazine dropped the bombshell that later became official, still unclear the reasons for their separation, each one continued with his life and his career, with the occasional message to the other.

A Rosalía could be seen at fashion week in Milan, also at the Latin Grammy Awards, but the Spaniard has been in the news especially this September 25, since celebrated his 31st birthday.

In a photo with her fans, it was possible to see what happened to the engagement ring that Rauw Alejandro gave her. Rosalía appeared at the Prada show during Milan Fashion Week with her ring, wearing it, as if nothing had happened. Something that obviously caught a lot of attention.

Of course, she didn't carry it in her hand, she wore it hanging on one of her earrings. She thus gives a new use to the jewel, which, despite wearing it somewhere else, continues to mean the same thing.

The Rosalía gave hope to her fans who want to see her with Rauw Alejandro by being seen wearing her engagement ring. In recent days, Rosalía, Rauw's ex-fiancée, has been followed by cameras at Milan Fashion Week in Italy. She later traveled to Paris in France, where her fans were already waiting for her to sing the mañanitas for her birthday on September 25.

Will there be Reconciliation between Rosalía and Raw Alejandro?

A few weeks ago the Puerto Rican singer was on tour in Barcelona, ??Spain, with the 'Saturno World Tour', where he let himself be carried away by his feelings and She cried singing songs dedicated to her. Rauw took advantage of being in Barcelona to sing 'Hayami Hana' for the first time, the song she wrote for Rosalía after the breakup and which she confessed she will not sing again.

The book “Dictionary of Poetic Composition” could be the proof that would also be causing a stir among fans of the artists, since the Spanish singer shared some photos on social networks this week after finishing the engagement, and has the same book that his ex-partner seems to be reading.

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