Yanet Garcia wears a daring witch costume and raises the temperature online

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Yanet Garcia wears a daring witch costume
Yanet Garcia wears a daring witch costume
Khushbu Kumari

Host Yanet Garcia caused a stir on Instagram by showing the sensual costume she is wearing for this Halloween 2023, check it out here!

Tremendous commotion caused by the host Yanet García after turning to her Instagram account to give a taste of the daring Halloween “costume” that she wore from the privacy of her room. What did it consist of? Keep reading to find out.

It was with a flirtatious photograph that the weather presenter showed off her attributes in nothing more and nothing less than a black lingerie set that accompanied with black and orange striped tights.

If this detail was not enough to recognize his choice of costume, the black hat with a pointed crown that he wore for the occasion made clear his intention to represent to a “sensual” witch. And the tiny lingerie set she opted for left little to the imagination.

“I put a spell on you…”, wrote Yanet García to accompany the controversial publication that just a few hours after coming to light had already raised thousands of “likes” and comments from her digital community.

“As always, you look beautiful”, “What a beautiful little witch”, “Beautiful is not enough”, “Wow” ;, “You don't scare but you fall in love wowwwwwww”, “You are my favorite little witch” and “Spectacular in every sense”, are some of the messages that are read on the network.


However, this is not the only publication by the Mexican that has left her fans with their mouths open, because let's remember that just a few days ago she surprised by announcing his return to acting for the film “Que eggs Sofía”.

This film will be released in 2024 and actors such as Sergio Mayer, Liliana Arriaga, Giovanna Romo and Alex de Madrid, among others.

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