Jailyne Ojeda rides a jet ski and shows off her rear in a red bikini

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Jailyne Ojeda on vacation
Jailyne Ojeda on vacation
Khushbu Kumari

The American influencer Jailyne Ojeda is an expert in raising the temperature on Instagram, she shows off her rear with a red bikini that raises passions and leaves little to the imagination

The American model Jailyne Ojeda stirs up Instagram by riding a jet ski where she shows off her rear in a red bikini that leaves little to the imagination.

The 24-year-old has no qualms about showing off her voluptuous rear, while taking a ride on a jet ski, which undoubtedly steals sighs from her millions of followers on Instagram.

Jailyne Ojeda recently shared a series of photos on her Instagram account , showing off an attractive red bikini that highlights her pronounced curves and raises passions among gentlemen.

The influencer takes a well-deserved vacation in Ibiza and takes a ride on a yacht, where she shows off her tiny waist and voluptuous rear.

Jailyne Ojeda shows off her butt on a jet ski

In another of the images, the American appears on a jet ski.

The lower part of the bikini is lost between her buttocks, which undoubtedly aroused passions among her 14.1 million followers, which the influencer has on her Instagram account.

The American, it is seen that she is enjoying her vacation to the fullest. In another of the images, taken at a wider angle, her butt is almost completely visible , which is undoubtedly causing her fans on her Instagram to get excited.

The images carry more than 492 million likes. His followers have not hesitated to write him flattering and even risque messages.

“Sexy, very cool, perfect woman, beautiful, cute” are some of the messages that the influencer received.

Jailyne Ojeda raises the temperature on Instagram

Jailyne Ojeda is an expert in raising the temperature of her followers on Instagram, and proof of this is the photos she shared where she wears a daring white bikini that she covers with a dress of the same color.

The bikini top barely covers the basics of her breasts, and the dental floss thong leaves little to the imagination, since it almost completely shows her butt.

Those images have more than 438,000 likes.

Show off daring white bikini

In a video she recently shared, Jailyne wears a white dress with transparencies that highlights her rear and delights the eyes of the gentlemen.

The daring dress leaves her shoulders bare, making her look more sensual and provocative.

The video has more than 318,000 likes, which shows that Ojeda enjoys great popularity on Instagram.

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