Demi Rose covers her charms with black hearts and raises the temperature on Instagram

Demi Rose
Demi Rose

The British model Demi Rose enjoys a vacation in the Greek islands and poses like a Goddess, wearing an outfit that leaves very little to the imagination, awakening the passions of her followers

The British model Demi Rose knows very well how to raise the temperature on Instagram and shows off her voluptuous figure on the shore of the beach, where she wears a tiny bikini and her prominent breasts are covered with small black hearts.

The 27-year-old British girl loves to enjoy the beaches and what better than the Greek ones, which are the perfect setting to show off her pronounced curves.

Demi Rose enjoys life on the beach

“Life's a beachhhh”, Demi Rose wrote on her Instagram account, next to the photo, where she can be seen enjoying the beach in Mykonos, Greece.

In the image, the British woman can be seen covering the sun with a heart-shaped hat, with a black silhouette.

Her black bikini highlights her shapely legs, while the sun covers her statuesque figure.

Demi Rose delights the gentlemen's pupil

But without a doubt, what the gentlemen are most grateful for is that the model shows almost all of her curves, since it only covers the elementary part with small black hearts.

The image has more than 166,000 likes and a series of messages addressed to the beautiful British.

“Tremendous, beautiful, cute, the best photo”, wrote the followers.

The Birmingham, UK-born model is hugely popular on Instagram, where she has 19.9 million followers.

In another image, Demi Rose is seen in the most relaxed while in a pool, where she wears a black trikini, which highlights her charms.

Show off your anatomy with tiny clothes

The strappy trikini holds up small circles that cover the basics of your anatomy. The images have achieved more than 212,000 likes.

And it is that the British loves to show her charms in each image and video that she shares with her millions of followers, it does not matter if it is with a bikini, dresses or even with blujeans, Demi always overflows sensuality, like the image that she published a few days ago where she wears a white top with a large neckline with blue details.

Demi Rose is one of the most active celebrities on social networks, where she shares very provocative and sensual images, where she loves to highlight her attractions.

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