Chiquis Rivera takes off her coat and moves her rear to the rhythm of hip-hop

Chiquis Rivera takes off her coat and sensually
Chiquis Rivera takes off her coat and sensually
Khushbu Kumari

Chiquis Rivera shared on Instagram the best moments of her concert in Los Angeles, in which she showed off her curvaceous figure in hot outfits; the singer was also shown directing a photo shoot.

Chiquis Rivera is very professional in all her commitments, and now she pleased her fans with a concert in Los Angeles that was very lively. She caused a stir in the audience when she took off her white coat to show off her tight onesie and sensually moved her body to the beat of hip-hop

The singer was accompanied by her band “Queen Bee” and went on stage wearing several outfits, such as one in a total blue look with high boots, a t-shirt, a cap and cheeky shorts; The results of her strenuous routines in the gym are visible, as she has a more toned figure every time.

Chiquis does not forget her facet as a businesswoman, and while she was getting ready for her concert she directed a photo session to promote products from her Be Flawless line . She even at that time she looked very beautiful, with black leggings and a tight top.

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