Carmen Villalobos premieres romance with Horacio Pancheri, ex of Marimar Vega

Carmen Villalobos premieres romance
Carmen Villalobos premieres romance
Khushbu Kumari

Sources reveal that the actress Carmen Villalobos would have turned the page and surpassed her ex, Sebastian Caicedo. His new love of hers? The also actor, Horacio Pacheri

Just two months after confirming her separation from Sebastián Caicedo , actress Carmen Villalobos has focused on her professional projects , as well as maintaining a close relationship with her followers.

However, since the news of their separation was released, questions about their intention to give love a new chance have not stopped. And everything seems to indicate that the Colombian is ready to turn the page and deliver her heart.

According to the journalist Ariel Osorio, Carmen Villalobos would have established a strong connection with one of the participants of the Telemundo reality show that she hosts , “Top Chef Vip”. The lucky heartthrob would be the Argentine actor Horacio Pancheri.

“From a very credible source they tell me that Carmen Villalobos would be involved with a non-Colombian actor. He is a foreigner named Horacio Pancheri,” said the communicator during the broadcast of the program 'I know everything'.

“She would be dating her recording partner, because, according to those close to the reality show, while they were in culinary work, sparks came out and they exchanged glances,” added Osorio.

However, that was not the only detail that was uncovered about the supposed love affair of the famous, because within the same broadcast it was ensured that the couple already enjoys romantic escapades: “No one knows where they went, but they left the house together. party,” he said to himself.

Despite the commotion caused by the rumor of her supposed romance, Carmen Villalobos has decided to ignore the questions and keep a low profile, a technique that has worked for her now ex-partner, Sebastián Caicedo.

And it is that the interpreter of 'The Lord of the Skies' has also been sentimentally linked repeatedly with the model Julieth Roman. However, he has not provided any statements in this regard.

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