Angelina Jolie files a million dollar lawsuit against Brad Pitt to protect her wine cellar

Angelina Jolie files a million dollar lawsuit against Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie files a million dollar lawsuit against Brad Pitt
Khushbu Kumari

Actress Angelina Jolie alleges that her ex-husband Brad Pitt has tried to take away his share of control over the Chateau Miraval winery, which they bought together in 2008; she claims that Brad wasted a lot of money on unnecessary renovations to the property.

The legal battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is far from over. They first clashed over custody of the five minor children they have in common and are now fighting legally over the Château Miraval they bought together in the south of France in 2008, which includes a chateau and a working vineyard.

A company created by the actress has just filed a staggering $250 million lawsuit against her ex, alleging that he allied with what it calls “a gang of cronies” to orchestrate a single-minded campaign. “take control” of the winery and that she did not see a penny of its profits.

Court documents filed Tuesday in Los Angeles put the then-couple's financial investment in the tens of millions of dollars to improve the 1,300-acre estate after its acquisition. According to Angelina, Brad wasted much of that money on what she defines as unnecessary projects and that it was just a matter of “vanity” , such as the construction of a pool that cost more than a million dollars.

The suit also alleges that Brad tried to use Angelina's large financial stake in the company that controls the vineyards to force her to sign a “hush clause” preventing her from discussing the circumstances that led to her filing for divorce. It is no secret that, shortly before their separation was made public, the actor was involved in an altercation with his eldest son Maddox aboard a private jet that led to an investigation by the FBI and the Los Angeles Department of Social Services. Angeles, which were closed without charges being filed against them.

Angelina maintains that her ex is punishing her for the opposition that she has presented in court on different fronts , be it the visiting hours of her children or the distribution of their joint assets, including the warehouse in question. It should also be remembered that the actress recently requested that the FBI give her all the documents related to the accusations that she had made against Brad at the time of her, alleging that he had assaulted both her and her children.

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