Crocs celebrates its 20th anniversary by giving away thousands of pairs: so you can participate for yours

Crocs celebrates its 20th anniversary
Crocs celebrates its 20th anniversary
Khushbu Kumari

Crocs is celebrating its 20th anniversary and as part of 'Croctober' the company will be giving away thousands of pairs until October 7th. We tell you how to participate to get some free crocs

Going by the name “Croctober,” the shoe company Crocs is celebrating its 20th anniversary by giving away tens of “thousands of pairs” in a daily giveaway.

In order to participate you must go to and fill in your information between 10 am and 3 pm An essential requirement to register is to become a Crocs Club member.

Winners will be selected randomly. Those who do not win will be able to participate the next day until the drawings end on October 7.

The raffle is part of the celebrations of the first time that this peculiar shoe hit the market in the early 2000s and since then has generated divided opinions among consumers.

In recent years foam clogs have gained a surge in popularity among the younger generation. Generation Z recently ranked them as their favorite brand, according to a Morning Consult survey.

As part of the celebration, Crocs chief marketing officer Heidi Cooley said it will have more “surprise giveaways” and exclusive products throughout the month.

“Croctober is one of our favorite moments of the year – a time to recognize our fans, many of whom have been unconditional supporters from the start and who live at the heart of our brand,” he said.

Crocs is also ironing out the details for “Croc Day” on October 23, a holiday that began in 2017 as an ode to footwear and this year the company will launch a limited edition Croc Day Clog available to Crocs Club members. starting October 20.

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