In cacheteros, Chiquis Rivera burst into tears at the Queen Bee Tour of Hidalgo, Mexico

Chiquis Rivera burst into tears at the Queen Bee Tour of Hidalgo
Chiquis Rivera burst into tears at the Queen Bee Tour of Hidalgo
Khushbu Kumari

Jenni Rivera's daughter, Chiquis Rivera, left her audience from Pachuca in Mexico with their mouths open by appearing on an ultra-thin stage and with minimal cacheros

Now if it is true that it is another. Chiquis Rivera took the stage of the Queen Bee Tour chapter Hidalgo, Mexico with minimal turncoats that exposed her legs exhibited in mesh stockings. she also wore the jersey of the Mexican soccer team , burst into tears from the emotion of seeing her success and even had Christian Nodal in the dressing room with his band from her. she himself posed with some of the musicians of the singer and businesswoman.

The regional Mexican princess continues to reap successes and audiences in her wake with the Abeja Reina Tour . Jenni Rivera 's daughter had almost a monumental sold out in Pachuca, Hidalgo . We already know that Mexico has half of its heart stolen. And as? As much as she was born in Los Angeles, she is as Mexican as La Diva de La Banda and as sexy as well. If not, detail all the comments and even some raised tones that Chiquis Rivera left on her Instagram account when she showed a photo with tight and minimal cheeks.

And it is that the Rivera sisters are on fire . Even Jenicka López herself dropped her jaws when she went to the concert of La Bichota Karol G with a top of minimal triangles and transparencies . Like Chiquis Rivera, the youngest of Jenni's daughters has made clear the weight that she has lost with discipline and the figure that she achieved with the help of surgery. The same one that eliminated the extra fat. The change has been phenomenal and Jacqie is not far behind.

Despite already having three children and being perhaps the most “rock” of all, she has also made many throw compliments on social networks. Especially when she starts dancing next to Chiquis. Just the new executor of Jenni Rivera's companies has done an ant job and in record time has managed to reposition La Diva de La Banda and extol the legacy of her music in the most important awards of the Latin music industry such as : Youth Awards and Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Not to mention that Jenni Rivera will have her own star on the Hollywood Walk and new unreleased and remastered music is also about to be released. There is no doubt that the best heritage of La Diva de la Banda for the world has been her children.

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