New York University Teacher Fired Because His Students Accused Him That His Class Was Too Difficult

New York University Teacher Maitland Jones Jr Fired
New York University Teacher Maitland Jones Jr Fired
Khushbu Kumari

Maitland Jones Jr., 84, is the teacher who was unable to retire doing what he loves most at the request of his students

The story of a New York University (NYU) chemistry teacher quickly went viral after he was fired after his students accused him of making his classes “too difficult.”

It was through a petition that the students complained about the grades that the teacher gave them, in addition to the fact that the teaching method did not seem adequate to them to have the learning they expected.

“We urge you to realize that a class with such a high dropout rate and poor grades has failed to make student learning and well -being a priority and reflects negatively on the chemistry department and the institution. in general,” the document read.

Maitland Jones Jr. , 84, is the professor who was unable to retire doing what he loves most, so he urged other colleagues not to do the same.

“We are all on the same side of wanting students to succeed, but we are using misaligned and, in many cases, faulty metrics to assess success,” was one of the messages from Stephanie Lee , a professor at the same institution defending her partner .

The case went further and Fox Elicia Brand, founder of Army of Parents, endorsed the chemistry teacher: “By paying for an education at a renowned university, we should expect quality teachers to intellectually challenge our students, helping them to grow pushing them to go beyond what is convenient and comfortable.”

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