FEMA will offer temporary housing to victims of Hurricane Ian in Florida

FEMA will offer temporary housing to victims of Hurricane Ian in Florida
FEMA will offer temporary housing to victims of Hurricane Ian in Florida
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FEMA announced the expansion of its aid program for the victims of Hurricane Ian in 4 Florida counties with the offer of temporary housing to those who lost their homes

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced Wednesday that it has approved the State of Florida 's request for direct temporary housing assistance in Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto and Lee counties, which will allow the provision of travel trailers and units of larger manufactured homes to those counties, to provide safe shelter for eligible victims of Hurricane Ian.

In addition, the federal agency reported that to date more than $1.4 billion in federal grants, disaster loans and flood insurance payments have been provided to Florida and families in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian to help those affected. to his recovery.

FEMA has provided $643 million dollars directly to families and $322 million to the state for emergency response , while the US Small Business Administration has awarded $264 million dollars in disaster loans and the National Flood Insurance Program has paid $184 million in claims.

Requirements to receive the aid

To receive the aid, it is required that the person requesting it or someone in their family be a US citizen or permanent resident, people in asylum proceedings, refugees, asylees, with "parole" status, deferred deportation and for cases of domestic violence.

What is temporary housing assistance

FEMA will offer temporary housing to eligible victims of Hurricane Ian in Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto and Lee counties in Florida.

FEMA approved Direct Temporary Housing Assistance to provide options for people whose homes are made uninhabitable by the hurricane .

FEMA determined that rental assistance is not sufficient to meet the housing need for some victims in those counties due to a lack of available housing resources.

Housing assistance is not subject to a maximum financial award limitation. The general period of assistance for Direct Housing is 18 months unless extended.

Types of direct housing assistance may include:

  • Multi-Family Rental and Repair (MLR) – This program allows FEMA to enter into lease agreements with owners of multi-family rental properties located in disaster areas and make repairs or improvements to provide temporary housing to eligible applicants.
  • Temporary Transportable Housing Units (TTHU): A readily manufactured home (i.e., Recreational Vehicle [RV] or Manufactured Housing Unit [MHU]), purchased or leased by FEMA and provided to eligible applicants for use as housing temporary.
  • Direct Lease – Existing occupancy-ready residential property leased and, if necessary, modified or improved to provide a reasonable accommodation for an eligible applicant with
  • disability and others with access and functional needs for use as temporary housing for eligible applicants.
  • Permanent Home Construction (PHC): Home repair and/or construction services provided in insular areas outside the continental United States and other locations where alternative housing resources are not available; and where other types of housing

assistance normally provided by FEMA, such as rental assistance or other forms of direct assistance, are unavailable, unfeasible, or not cost effective.

FEMA warned in the release that it will take time to transport, authorize, install and inspect these units before they are available. Direct Temporary Housing Assistance may be offered for a maximum of 18 months from September 29, 2022, the date of the federal disaster declaration, through March 28, 2024.

how to ask for help

The fastest way to find help and apply for disaster assistance is through the official DisasterAssistance.gov website . Also, help can be requested by calling 1-800-621-3362, from 7 am to 11 pm, or through the FEMA mobile application.

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