Mercedes-Benz plans to make accident-free driving a reality

Mercedes Benz plans to make accident free driving a reality
Mercedes Benz plans to make accident free driving a reality
Khushbu Kumari

Mercedes-Benz works hard to make driving an accident-free activity, and to this end, it has recently explained how it plans to achieve it.

Road safety is essential when driving cars. Although much of the responsibility lies with the person who drives, the truth is that technology is advancing rapidly, contributing more and more to safety tasks.

Precisely, Mercedes-Benz appears as one of the companies that dedicates a large part of its time, resources and personnel to developing safety sections that guarantee peace of mind when driving.

Among the proposals that the German brand has carried out, the driver assistance system stands out, which offers adaptive cruise control that automatically maintains a preselected distance with respect to the vehicles ahead.

Also, there is Active Steering Assist to stay within the driving lane, Active Lane Keeping Assist, which detects when road markings or road edges are crossed, Active Blind Spot Assist, which monitors inconspicuous areas to prevent accidents by intervening in braking and generating warnings.

Similarly, the Mercedes-Benz incorporate Active Lane Change Assist, a function that helps the driver cooperatively when changing to an adjacent lane and Active Emergency Stop Assist is responsible for braking the car until it stops in its own lane if it recognizes that the driver it no longer responds to the traffic situation for a longer period.

On the other hand, the German brand has also developed the Active Brake Assist to register if there is a risk of collision with the cars ahead, producing a visual and audible warning if the impact seems imminent. In addition, if the driver's response to braking is weak, this technology intervenes to increase brake pressure as required.

Without a doubt, the Germans incorporate a series of functions to increase the safety of their vehicles on the road exponentially, something that did not seem possible decades ago.

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