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Below the navel, Thalia showed her little waist with a transparent corset

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Below the navel Thalia showed her little waist with a transparent corset
Below the navel Thalia showed her little waist with a transparent corset
Khushbu Kumari

Thalia drives a crowd crazy on Instagram by wearing transparencies almost to the crotch at 51

The beautiful Mexican Thalía is showing off her great body at 51 years old . She wore a look in which she showed off her assets all the way down to below her navel. It was a pink dress with a corset that denoted her little waist.

Let's remember that Lili Estefan 's best friend is promoting a recent musical theme. That is why she said on her Instagram account about her: “La Vie en Rose. Three Psyco Bitch. Stream Available Now”. Thalia did a photo shoot with a dress that exposed her attributes . The interpreter of “Amor La Mexicana” drove a crowd crazy with her transparencies.

The Pysco Bitch video clip shows the singer riding a giant nightclub ball while also wearing a corset. In another image of the same piece, she wears a short wig and a latex suit that left little to the imagination. Without a doubt, Thalia heated things up on Instagram and drove a crowd crazy in those surroundings.

A few days ago, the protagonist of Marimar posed from New York behind the giant advertisements for this new musical theme. “P SYCHO BITCHES that's how it went for us in Times Square. Thanks for all the support! We continue to celebrate, I continue to savor this moment,” wrote Tommy Mottola's wife.

The same that does not stop supporting her and raising her from the beginning of their relationship. Just 4 days ago when the actress and singer announced her release, Tommy wrote her hearts and fires on her Instagram post. In addition to being the mastermind behind everything Thalia does, Mottola is also her #1 fan.

Despite the success of the singer of “Between the Sea and a Star”, she does not lose her simplicity and humility. She recently celebrated her friend Lili Estefan 's birthday and, between jokes, she ripped off the extensions of the host of El Gordo y La Flaca . Of course, it was all part of the good humor enjoyed by this pair.

Thalia will be conducting the delivery of the next Latin Grammy Awards 2022 from the city of Las Vegas. They will be broadcast on Univision's signal and digital platforms. Of course, his fans are waiting and he will also perform with her new song.

While we see if this happens, we leave the Psycho Bitch video where Thalía shines with talent and explodes on the screen with beauty and sensuality.


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