This is how Danna Paola opened her eyebrow in full concert

This is how Danna Paola opened her eyebrow in full concert
This is how Danna Paola opened her eyebrow in full concert
Khushbu Kumari

This is how Danna Paola opened her eyebrow in the middle of the concert and ended up with a bandage on her head that shocked her fans

Danna Paola caused great concern among her fans. After social networks were filled with videos and images captured by those attending the Mexican concert in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Well, in the middle of her presentation, the singer suffered an accident, when she hit her head with her knee, opening an eyebrow. In one of the shared videos, the interpreter is seen touching the affected area and removing her bloody hand.

His fans appreciated his professionalism, because despite what happened he did not stop the song he sang at the time of the mishap, once it was over he paused briefly to check himself and returned to the Telmex Auditorium stage with his head bandaged, ready to continue the show.

“I literally opened my eyebrow, it's not a joke, I don't know if those in the first row saw it. I'm fine, I swear!” , he explained to her when she paused.

When returning to the stage, Danna Paola explained what happened to the people who were participating in the start of her XT4S1S Tour, “When I leaned back, I think I hit my knee or something like that and my knee started to swell. eye. I stopped watching, but I continued”.

The night of the same Friday, the singer made a publication on her Twitter account in which she expressed that she lived the craziest night of her life , adding that she never imagined that she would suffer an accident, but despite this she gave everything, although she knows what was missing She thanked people for a “wonderful and unforgettable” night.

What happened during her concert caused Danna Paola to become a trend on social networks, as the posts with images of the interpreter of “Mundo de caramel” bandaged and the videos of the accident flooded them.

The start of her XT4S1S tour was interrupted due to delays in the delivery of the stages that the singer would use, as she herself explained in a live broadcast, on the verge of tears, in which she said that she was frustrated and disappointed.

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