Tom Holland gifts Zendaya a family ring

Tom Holland gifts Zendaya a family ring
Tom Holland gifts Zendaya a family ring
Khushbu Kumari

After the incident, Danna Paola continued her presentation and thanked the public in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Tom Holland and Zendaya maintain a relationship that is as private as possible, the chemistry that unites them is undeniable, because before embarking on their love story, the protagonists of 'Spider-Man' had a solid friendship.

However, some time later it became a romance and now it has been sealed with a ring that shows the commitment that exists between the two.

It should be noted that in July 2016, for the first time, the names of Holland and Zendaya were related, since in that year it was confirmed that they would become the protagonists of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', so it became customary to always see them together.

But a year later, when the tape hit the big screen, the first rumors began to circulate that they were in a relationship.

Although in the public eye, between Tom and Zendaya there was more than a friendship, they claimed that they were just great friends.

It was until, in 2019, the fans were shocked by the first kiss that Holland and Zendaya had in the second installment of 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'.

After that, the couple's fans had to wait two years for both to confirm that they were in a relationship, since they had to accept it publicly because a paparazzi caught them kissing inside a car in July 2021.

Although what surprised everyone the most was one day, Tom Holland's little finger was no longer adorned with the gold ring that, since he began his career, he had used, since it had been inherited from his grandparents, as a family heirloom of great importance. sentimental meaning.

However, the ring did not disappear, but is now used by a new owner, as Holland gave it to Zendaya, as what has been suggested is a sign that their commitment and love is real.

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