Angela Aguilar suffers a fall on the stage of Jaripeo Sin Fronteras

Angela Aguilar suffers a fall on the stage of Jaripeo Sin Fronteras
Angela Aguilar suffers a fall on the stage of Jaripeo Sin Fronteras
Khushbu Kumari

This weekend Angela Aguilar grabbed the spotlight for the publication of a video in which the exact moment in which she suffers a small fall while singing in the show Jaripeo Sin Fronteras can be seen.

Pepe Aguilar and her children, Angela and Leonardo, performed successfully on November 11 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, with their show Jaripeo Sin Fronteras; But during her presentation , the 19-year-old singer suffered a fall on stage , an incident that, although it did not happen to adults, ended up stealing the attention of her millions of fans.

The Aguilars continue to rock during their presentations with the show Jaripeo Sin Fronteras, while Angela alone continues to accumulate success not only as a singer, since she recently debuted in the world of modeling on the Savage x Fenty catwalk, which is run by Rihanna to unveil her lingerie collection, which was a pleasant surprise for fans of the singer.

However, this weekend “The Princess of Mexican Music” captured the spotlight on social networks for the publication of a video that showed the exact moment in which she stumbled on one of the steps of the main stage of the show. musical.

And it is that after approaching her audience to interpret the song “Como la Flor”, Angela returned to the center of the ring where there is a small platform, but when she climbed the last step her foot collided with it causing her to touch the floor with knees.

Fortunately it was only a minor incident from which she got up almost immediately to demonstrate her professionalism and continue with the show, although without a doubt this was one of the moments that stole the attention of social media users.

Let us remember that this is not the only time that the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty goes through an embarrassing moment on stage, since it was last March when she offered a concert at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico , her skirt also fell off while she was going up on the platform of the main stage , although fortunately it did not go too far since under the enormous black skirt she was wearing red pants to match a corset, a wardrobe that saved her from showing too much.

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